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Trey Fitch

Owner of CrossFit H Dub

My immediate goals were all performance based when I signed up to work with Live ATOP. Live ATOP has helped me focus on weaknesses that I would have neglected on my own or that could have been missed in a blog style program. Indirectly, by following the example set by Austin and Megan, I feel a better sense of overall well being. I am someone who battles anxiety and learning about proper nutrition, sleep, and meditation has helped to control it. I have improved my sleep, gut health, and anxiety tremendously. Also, as a gym owner, they have given me some awesome knowledge to pass on to members in areas beyond working out.

Nick Stelfox

Owner of Carefree Outdoor Living

As a small business owner, knowing I don’t have to worry about making a class at a certain time or spending time to come up with my own workout plan is a huge benefit to me. I delegate and subcontract many things in my business so one of the things most important to me is having a coach on my side working with me to develop exercise and nutrition plans that are extremely effective. Remote coaching couldn’t be easier and it’s perfect for my always changing schedule.

Dan Fuhr

Owner of Cafe Red Point

I have been coached by Live ATOP for a couple of months and have been very impressed.  I’m 43 years old and own a cafe. I’m working on turning it into a repeatable and scalable model while starting our second location.  The online coaching has been incredible with my schedule. I have lots of flexibility to get the workouts in. The workouts from Live ATOP have been great.  I love the structure. I’m not getting hammered down, which at my age, I’m extra thankful. I still have the energy to go rock climbing, hiking, and biking.  I constantly get praise and correction on workouts.

What are “Cairns” [care-ins]?

We know that everyone’s steps are different along a journey, but there are certain general guidelines that help us to ensure we are headed in the right direction. These Live ATOP Cairns help to keep us on the right path towards reaching our peak potential, while also reminding us to maintain balance in our approach towards the top. We all know that sometimes, even with having these cairns, it can be too easy to stray off the path. Whether that be on purpose or simply on accident, it's rare that life goes exactly as planned. At Live ATOP Coaching, Austin and I are not drill-instructors, but rather guides, meant to help hold you accountable in staying on the correct path that leads towards your goals and truly living your best life.

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