Megan Benzik

Diagnosed with Lupus at age 12, Megan realized she had 2 choices. She could allow Lupus to take over her life, or she could choose to stand and fight. This pivotal choice led her into learning everything she could about living a healthy lifestyle and overcoming her chronic illness.


As she started to regain her health back, she realized that she wanted nothing more than to wake people up to the fact that they DO have control over their health. In 2008, she became a personal trainer and has been coaching clients ever since.


In 2011, after getting her Lupus under control, she decided she wanted to exceed just being healthy, and compete against the fittest in the world through The CrossFIt Games. She refused to let Lupus hold her back. It wasn’t easy, but in 2017 after dedicating 6 years towards training, her dream came true when she qualified to compete at The CrossFit Games Regionals as an individual competitor. Shortly after, she was offered a sponsorship to train under the best coaches in the fitness industry and competed in 2018 as well.


Megan founded Live ATOP Coaching in early 2019 with Austin O’Neal with the goal of helping others transform their lives through deep health coaching. With over 12 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, she wants to share her knowledge and guidance to help others dig deep, reach their goals, and transform their lives for the better.

Austin O’Neal

Austin was first introduced to the gym and concepts of weight training and sports nutrition when he was 13 years old. At the time, the goal was to get stronger, faster, and more athletic in preparation for football. It didn’t take long before he got engrossed with the concepts and various forms of weight training and proper nutrition for optimal results and performance. Austin has worked within the fitness industry ever since- learning various training and nutritional styles, techniques, and methods along the way.


Post college, where Austin was a National Qualifying Wrestler at Wabash College, Austin’s passion for fitness and training got him into competitive fitness. He went on to train and qualify for three individual CrossFit Games Regionals along with at least a handful of other various professional fitness competitions. At this time, Austin was a fully professional athlete training and living full-time off of sponsorship money, while also learning the most optimal ways to train, recover, eat, sleep, and even live for any goal.


After Austin decided to step away from competing in fitness, he decided to coach others on everything he has learned so far within the realm of health. He hopes to shorten the learning curve of any client by effectively and efficiently educating and guiding them along their own unique journey. His style of coaching goes beyond just workouts and nutrition in order for his clients to truly transform their lives so they can become the best version of themselves.