Are you really training YOUR functional movements?

Let's talk about FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT and building the proper foundation of STRENGTH.

There are 4 Main Movements

  1. Jumping/Landing

  2. Throwing/Striking

  3. Locomotion

  4. Rotation

There are 4 Main "Lifting" Movements that can be trained at a "gym":

  1. Pushing

  2. Pulling

  3. Knee Bend

  4. Hip Hinge

"Functional" exercises give you the ability to carry out what you need to do on a daily basis.

EVERYONE’s daily function is different, and is based on the tasks you physically need to be able to do throughout your day.

However, a more functional body = more physical freedom

So to build functional strength means to build an all-around stronger and more adaptable body that is capable of performing at a high level in any environment- not just the gym.

To build this strength, there is a strength continuum that should be followed to optimize performance and help prevent injury!

The Strength Continuum:

Absolute Speed


Speed Strength


Strength Speed


Absolute Strength


Motor Control

If this is something you are already doing.


And, if you aren't sure, maybe you should ask whoever is designing your training program how they are progressing you.

A good training program will take all of this into account based on where YOU are currently at in regards to movement and what YOU need to be able to FUNCTION and FREELY MOVE in your day-to-day life.

If you have any questions feel free to just shoot me a message to I love chatting health and fitness with anyone else who is passionate or interested as well.

In health,



For all you familiar with CrossFit/competitive functional fitness or wanting to how the strength continuum is used in competitive program design, here's a throwback blog post from OPEX Fitness from when I won a pair of world-wide online workouts that were designed on studying 'optimal strength' for the sport of competitive fitness. Here's that link again :)

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