Case study, Jacob schimdt: 2,047th to 177th worldwide in one year

Updated: Feb 28

Client Bio

Name: Jacob Schmidt (IG: @jchmidty8)

Age: 24

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 188 lbs

Location: Missouri

Gym: CrossFit MKT

Occupation: Student, CrossFit Coach

Previous Sports History: Baseball

Training Age at the Time We Started: < 1 year

Goal: Qualify for a CrossFit Regional. Now Sanctional.

Started Working Together: October 2017

Initial Assessment

Jacob and I first jumped on an initial call to get to know one another and to discuss his goal to qualify for the CrossFit Central Regional competition- arguably the hardest regional in the world. After the initial call, I conducted an online movement screening and found that Jacob was very tight in his ankles, hips, and t-spine. We then continued the assessment process to get some insight on where he sat based upon the goal to qualify for regionals.

Below are some of Jacob's initial numbers from the physical assessment. These numbers are a combo of numbers he gave me during our initial call; along with some numbers he obtained through the physical assessment.

Physical Assessment Numbers

Back Squat 1RM: 363# AMRAP Back Squat @30x0: 10 reps Front Squat: 330# Deadlift: 460# RFESS 8RM: 50#/h CGBP: 255# Push Press: 235# Squat Snatch: 237# Power Snatch: 210# Squat Clean: 300# Power Clean: 275# Clean & Jerk: 290# Split Jerk: 302#

30/30 Rows: 1:20avg, 1:25, 1:29

*I typically like to see meters for each set here but he recorded avg pace. 10 min Max Cals AD: 274

*on old Air Dyne

25 Squat Snatches FT @ 77%: 5:51 30 Squat Clean FT @ 225#: 7:50

"Open 12.3": 10 + 3 Push/Pull Test: 5:37

Lactate Test Set 1: 4:03 Lactate Test Set 2: 4:04 Lactate Test Set 3: 4:01

Constant Variance Set 1: 3:27 *Everything Unbroken Constant Variance Set 2: 3:32 *Everything Unbroken Constant Variance Set 3: 3:24 *Everything Unbroken Constant Variance Set 4: 3:27 *Everything Unbroken Constant Variance Set 5: 3:27 *Everything Unbroken

These numbers are important in terms of gauging improvement and comparison, but they fail to represent how well Jacob moved. By watching the videos of Jacob performing these exercises and workouts during the physical assessment, it was clear that he was not proficient in a lot of the skills required for the sport of CrossFit. This was mainly seen in his olympic lifting and gymnastic movements, which is pretty common for most people. More specifically, he used all lower back with an evident "hitch" in both his snatch and clean, and he lacked overhead stability. It is also important to note that Jacob had told me in our consult that he had lower back problems, which I concluded was likely linked to his movement patterns.

Post Assessment

After the physical assessment, Jacob and I discussed the results and the plan going forward.

Based on the complete assessment it was clear we had to work on his Olympic lifting, mobility, and overall skill acquisition. My main concern was his poor ankle and thoracic mobility, which greatly limited his ability to get into certain positions- especially when it came to squatting. When it came to his olympic lifting, I wanted to start with dialing in his lifting set-ups- especially due to his previous back injuries. With his young training age, I knew he would progress rather quickly.

Jacob showed great starting aerobic capacity. His absolute strength and olympic lifting weights were decent, but needed to improve in order to really be competitive. His ability to cycle a heavy barbell (barbell battery) would also need to be improved upon down the line.

Jacob's essence is a grinder. It was clear watching the videos of him training. His positions were not the best so he really had to work hard to perform some movements, but he made it happen anyways. This was one reason I believe he scored so well on aerobic capacity tests. He was willing to suffer to perform his best.

Sport Prep 1 (CrossFit Open Prep)

By this time it was already November and the CrossFit Open was about four months away. We discussed two main options: 1. Set him up to perform the best he could during the Open with his current skill set. OR 2. Take this Open off and focus on his weaknesses so he would be better prepared to tackle the next years Open. Since Jacob had never competed in a CrossFit Open before, we decided to go ahead and do the Open this year simply for the experience and practice. So we jumped into a sport-prep cycle, which would get him ready to perform his best in this upcoming Open. We still worked on things he needed to improve upon, but we mainly focused on practicing for the sport rather than hyper focusing on improving the areas he was deficient in- both of which are ideally done in the off-season of a full training year.

CrossFit Open 2018 Review

Jacob finished 2,047th in the world and 185th in the North Central Region, where the top 20 qualify for the CrossFit Central Regional. His best score was 18.1, which was the longest workout of the Open. His worst score was 18.2b which was a max lift, the heaviest component seen in this particular Open. His other scores fell in the middle of these two performances.

I think it's also important to note that these scores reflect Jacob's best efforts for these workouts. We trained for him to perform to the best he could with his current abilities and he did just that. He performed each workout twice to try to optimize his score, but he ended up not doing better on the second attempt likely due to us not having enough time to build his training volume.

Jacob's scores for the North Central Region

Jacob's scores World Wide

Accumulation Phase 1 (Post Open)

After the CrossFit Open, Jacob had about a week off followed by a couple weeks to ease him back into training. We then jumped into his first true accumulation phase where we focused on his ankle mobility and Olympic lifting positions. The goal was to fix his movement before we start truly adding strength. Since he also had an easier semester at school, we were able to utilize some two-a-days or "doubles" throughout the week. However, with his young training age, I didn't want to jump into too much training up front. Here is an example of his training splits along with an example workout to go with it.



MAP 1- mono + Mobility + Gymnastic Bodies- SL Progress

A. AD:

30 sec @ 90% aero

30 sec easy spin


- 75 RPM's like last week

- SAME RPM's per set. Highest sustainable pace.

B. 30 min Mobility and Gymnastic Bodies: ankles, hips, t-spine, SL progression

*I sent him the Gymnastic Bodies Book in a pdf to follow a progression


PS-battery + FS- low % + Midline + Interval Weight Training- barbell battery

A. Power Snatch: 1.1 Build to a 185# quickly then, 1.1.1 every 3 min x6 sets- 135-155# B. Front Squat: @33x1: 5-7 x3 sets; rest 2-3 min- hold tempo, perfect positioning C1. Dbl KB FR Walk: 20m x3 sets; rest 20 sec- tough, perfect positions C2. Glute Ham Raise: 10-12 reps x3 sets; rest 2 min D. @ High Effort:

FT: 250m Row 10 PS- 135# singles rest walk 2 min x3 sets E. Cool down 20 min EASY



Aero- long, easy to moderate + SL work

A. EASY pace:

5 min bike 5 min row 5 min walk 5 min bike B. 15 min Gymnastic Bodies Progressions


Vert Press + Accessories: Push, Pull, Midline + Muscle Endurance- Pushing

A. Strict Press: @30x2: 5-7 x3 sets; rest 2 min B1. Dual Dumbbell Prone Row: @3112: 6-8 x3 sets; rest 30 sec B2. Standing Dumbell Push Press w/ 2 sec hold at top: 8-10 reps x3 sets; rest 90 sec C. 8 min EMOM:

odd: strict HSPU x4-6 even: Seal walk x20m D. @ 85% Consistent Pace:

150 DU 20m HSW 20 KBS- 70# 500m Row 100 DU 30 KBS- 70# 20m HSW 500m Row 50 DU 20m HSW 40 KBS- 70#



Mobility- Ankle, T-Spine + MAP 10

3k Row Every 1k Perform: 15 sec thoracic bridge 2/side TGU- 53# + 10 min easy AD + 3k Row Ever 1k Perform: 30 sec/side ankle PAILS and RAILS 2 wall walks


Aero- Mixed Modal, non-skill based

A. Row:

800m Row @ 85% consistent pace rest walk 3 min x4 sets - SAME times per set B. @ Consistent High Power Pace:

Every 8 min 60 cal AD 30 step ups- 20" 15 air squats x3 sets C. Row: 800m Row @ 85% consistent pace rest walk 3 min x4 sets - SAME times per set and should be same as first set





MAP 1- Mono to Mixed Modal

@ Aero Pace:

AD 30 sec rest walk 30 sec Run 100m rest walk 30 sec Row 30 sec rest walk 30 sec x10 - rest walk 2 min after 5 sets


Clean- skill/positions + BS- high % + MAP 8- Mixed Modal

A. Power Clean: Build to a moderate 1.1.1 with perfect mechanics then, 3 singles x3 sets @ 90% that singles; rest as needed btw sets B. Back Squat: @20x1: 5 @ 65% 5 @ 75% 5 @ 85% ran btw sets C. @ 85% Consistent Pace:

10 min AMRAP 250m Row 20m Crawl 5 PC&J- 115# rest walk 5 min 10 min AMRAP 15 cal AD 20m Walking Lunge 5 OHS- 115# - SAME times per set, good breathing, and PERFECT steady pacing


Deadlift- mod to high % + Hor Push + Vert Pull + Muscle Endurance- pulling

A. Deadlift: @31x1: 5 reps x5 sets; rest 3 min- not TnG but control eccentric B. CGBP: @40x1: 5-7 reps x4 sets; rest 60 sec C. Wtd Chin Up: @2112: 5, 4, 3 ; rest 2-3 min D. FT: 30 strict C2B pull ups- control eccentric rest 5 min 30 strict HSPU E. 20 min AD- EASY, in sun if possible



Intensification Phase 1 (June'18)

At this point it was clear by Jacob's scores, videos, and biofeedback that we were headed in the right direction when it came to improving upon everything. He got into a steady training routine, ankles were feeling better, and his Olympic lifting was slowly getting better. Jacob was beginning to get eager to compete again. Rather than doing a traditional qualifier, such as Granite Games, we decided to do the International Functional Fitness online competition over one weekend. Leading up to this weekend, we did a short intensification phase to prep for it. He was feeling ready for it, but unfortunately ended up not being able to complete the qualifier due to some uncontrollable life events occurring. Below are some of the results from the intensification phase where I threw in some re-tests and some new tests.

Intensification Scores

500m Repeat Set 1: 1:34.9 500m Repeat Set 2: 1:34.8 1k Row: 3:07 10 min Max Cals AB: 210 1 mile Run: 5:38 "Triple 3": 38:44

25 Squat Snatches FT @ 77%: 5:16 *heavier weight too "Grace" @ 205#: 8:50 Barbell Beep Test: 8 rounds

lactate test set 1: 3:55 lactate test set 2: 3:54 lactate test set 3: 3:52

100 T2B in UB Sets of 5 reps: 6:29 100 C2B in UB Sets of 5 reps: 5:59 75 strict HSPU: 8:03 "Karen": 4:52, *Unbroken

Accumulation Phase 2 (End of Summer '18)

Post intensification phase we took a complete week off of training to rest, recover, and enjoy life outside the gym. After this week of rest, we jumped into another accumulation phase. This phase still had the same focus of improving ankle mobility and Olympic lifting positions. He was going to be starting school again soon, so we also dropped some sessions to help with schedule.


Clean- positional + BS- tough+ Accessories: Pull, Hinge + MAP 1 to 2- mono A. Below the Knee HPC: 1.1.1 x5 sets; rest 2-3 min- building tough but stay fast and feeling strong B. Back Squat: @20x1: 5, 5, 5, 3, 3; rest 3-4 min- buildign tough D1. Pendlay Row: @31x1: 4-6 x3 sets; rest 60 sec D2. RDL: @3010: 8-10 x3 sets; rest 2-3 min E. Assualt Bike:

30 sec @ 90% aero 30 sec easy spin x8 sets rest 4 min x2 sets



Ankle Mobility + Single Leg- skill & strength + Aero- easy

A. Side Plank Clamshells: 6/side x3 sets; rest 60 sec btw legs

B. Candle Sticks: 5/leg x3 sets; ran C. SL Box Step Downs: 6/leg controlled x3 sets; rest 60 sec btw legs D. DB Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat: @30x0: Find 8 RM/leg E. Turkish Get Up: Film a set of you doing each side then, FT 50 alt reps- 53#


MAP 6- mixed modal, building

A. 5 min AMRAP 150m Ski 8 HPC- 135# 6 BJ, sd- 30" rest walk 3 min 5 min AMRAP 40 DU 8 T2B 4 PS- 155# rest walk 3 min x2 sets


Strength Speed + Vert Press + Overhead Stability & Positions + Interval Gymnastics Training- Pushing, long aero

A. Push Jerk: 5 reps TnG every 90 sec x7 sets- building but keep speed based B. Strict Press + Push Press: 3.2 x5 sets; rest 2-3 min C. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press: @32x1: 6-8 reps x3 sets; rest 2 min D1. Half Kneeling Filly Press: @2112: 6-8/arm x3 set; rest 60 sec D2. Banded Face Pulls: @3111: 8-10 x3 sets; rest 60 sec D3. ring FLR: 30-45 sec x3 sets; rest 2 min E. 10 min @ steady pace:

10 strict HSPU 15 push ups 20 air squats 25 DU





Snatch- Strength Speed + BS- tough to speed based + Accessories: Pulling- skill based, Hinge + Midline

A. Below Knee HPS + Above Knee HPS + OHS: 1.1.2 x8 sets; rest 2 min- building but staying fast, speed based B. Back Squat: 4, 3, 2, 4, 3, 2; rest 3-4 min- waveload, HAF, no tempo C. 14 min EMOM:

min 1: C2B x6-8 ub min 2: DB FR Walking Lunge- 50#/h x35-50' D1. Banded Reverse Hyper: 15 reps x3 sets; rest 60 sec D2. Hanging L-sit: 15-30 sec x3 sets; rest 2 min


MAP 6- monostructural

A. 5 min AB @ 90% consistent pace rest walk 2:30 x4 sets


Hor Push + Single Leg + Overhead Stability & Positions + Long Aero/Alactic- touches

A. Close Grip Bench Press: @41x0: 8, 8, 8; rest 3 min B. Glute Bridge Kettlebell Bench Press: @30x1: 6-8 reps x3 sets; rest 90 sec C. Dumbbell Split Squat: 12/leg x3 sets; rest 2 min D1. Dbl KB Front Rack Walk: 100' x3 sets; rest 90 sec D2. Dbl KB Front Rack Wall Sit: 30-45 sec x3 sets; rest 90 sec E. Assault Bike:

Every 3 min- 20 sec MAX cals AB x4 sets



Again, based upon Jacob's scores, videos, and biofeedback it was clear he was improving in the right areas. He was actually improving faster than expected, which was likely due to his commitment and consistency in training. So this is when we dropped volume for a week and jumped into accumulation phase 2. This phase had the same template as accumulation 1, but the focus shifted from volume and towards intensity. We moved from strict and absolute strength based movements to more dynamic movements that are associated with the typical CrossFit Open. We also incorporated more alactic and lactate driven conditioning. This blended into our sport prep phase nicely.

Sport Prep & Pre Comp

Towards the end of December '18 we transitioned into a sport prep phase which, again, looked very similar to accumulation phase 1 & 2. The difference was that volume continued to drop even further as intensity increased. As we got even closer to the CrossFit Open we starting simulating Open style scenarios and hitting previous CrossFit Open Workouts, specifically 16.2 and 13.1. With both of these being heavier barbell workouts, they were perfect tests for Jacob since this is exactly what we had been focusing on improving over the past year. We also performed a lactate tester and a Row 30/30 x4 test to see how he was improving when it came to this (see below for scores). It's important to note that the Row 30/30 x4 test scores were right where we wanted them to be for this time of year.

Lactic Endurance Test


250m Row

15 KBS- 70#

25 burpees

15 KBS

500m Row

15 KBS

25 burpees

15 KBS

250m Row

Score: 8:15

Row 30/30 x4:

30 sec Row for MAX meters

30 sec Rest in Rower

x4 sets

Set 1: 178m

Set 2: 177m

Set 3: 174m

Set 4: 174m

The 2019 CrossFit Open

During the CrossFit Open, Jacob performed each workout twice, once on Friday and then again on Monday. Each time he beat his Friday score on Monday, which was already better than the previous year. Jacob went on to place 173rd, after other competitor score adjustments, in the world wide rankings. If the world were still split into regions, we estimate he would have placed top 10 in the North Central Regional, which would have qualified him for the Central Regional.

Jacob's World Wide Scores

Post Open & Current Training

After the open, Jacob had some time off to rest, recover, and reflect before jumping into training again. We are currently in another accumulation phase where we are focusing on increasing his strength in his dramatically improved positions. This will be our trend until we see the online qualification schedule for the next 2020 CrossFit Games schedule.


Jacob and I have also worked on dialing in his nutrition to ensure it's supporting his training goals. We have mainly been focusing on making sure he is getting enough food, along with the right macronutrient distribution throughout the season. Jacob does great with managing this, so he only logs his food once in a while to make sure he is in the right ball park. Entering the 2019 open, we had worked up to 190 grams of protein, 440 grams of carbohydrates, and 90 grams of fat per day. We also incorporated re-feed days throughout the open to ensure he was recovering between workout attempts. The macro prescription for the re-feeds were roughly 185 grams of protein, 485 grams of carbohydrates, and 80 grams of fat. These macros where numbers that we had worked up to throughout the entire training season, and had practiced during the sport specific and pre comp phases of training.

Ending Thoughts

I am v grateful, as a coach, to have an athlete as dedicated as Jacob is. He's bought into the process, has put in a lot of hours in the gym, and made a lot of sacrifices in order to balance training and school. I'm excited to watch Jacob's future unfold- both as an athlete and coach- and to be a part of his journey.

I could go on for days discussing the specifics of Jacob's programming and Jacob as an athlete. I also could have gone WAY deeper into specifics for each phase of training and the why behind it, but that was not the point of this blog. For this blog I wanted to give an overview of the process that took Jacob from 2,047th to 173rd in the world in order to give some insight on the overall process.

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions on why I did the things that I did with Jacob, or if you are someone looking to improve your life via an individualized approach to fitness. Don't hesitate to reach out! My inbox is always open!!

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