Hear From Our Clients

"Austin has helped with my general outlook on life, to have more gratitude, and of course my nutrition and fitness. The decision to work with him was hands down the best one I've made when it comes to my weight loss, fitness needs, and lifestyle balance... which I didn't even know I needed!"
- Mike Schroth
"I'm enjoying looking better, but this is a side benefit to feeling healthier and believing that we are in a sustainable lifestyle."
- John Nuclo
"The workouts from Live ATOP have been great. I love the structure. I’m not getting hammered down, which at my age, I’m extra thankful. I still have energy to go rock climbing, hiking, and biking. I constantly get praise and correction on workouts."
- Dan Fuhr
"As a gym owner they have given me some awesome knowledge to pass on to members in areas beyond working out."
- Trey F.