We work with you to design a system that best fits into your busy schedule, while still providing accountability and support. Our personalized programs are designed to help you save time, increase mental clarity and energy, and achieve success in all aspects of life.


How it Works

We work with you to design a system that best suits you and your busy schedule!

Face to Face Consultations

After your initial consult, each month you’ll jump on a video call with your coach so you can discuss the big picture of your training, how your lifestyle is contributing to your success, how your nutrition is supplementing your progress, and where you will be heading next. That consultation will help you stay connected to your big-picture goals so that your training remains on point each day.

Ongoing Assessments

We will run you through an online assessment protocol to see where you currently sit with your movement, strength, conditioning, and nutrition. We will then consistently re-assess where you are in your fitness journey. We have hundreds of proven benchmark tests that we will be able to gauge your progress with. In addition, we will also continue to look at your movement, your recovery, and your readiness to train on a daily basis to ensure that you are moving in the right direction at all times.

Customized Daily Training

You will never receive a template program. You will always have a program that meets you where you are and progresses you forward each step of the way. With a program that ebbs and flows like you do, you will face fewer plateaus and pitfalls, and you’ll progress longer and faster than you would otherwise.

Nutrition Guidance

Nutrition needs to be designed for you specifically. We will work with you to start you properly, and then progress your nutrition just like we will your training program. Not only will it be a periodized nutrition plan, but it will also go hand-in-hand with your current training plan and lifestyle. As your nutrition continues to zone in, you will find those additional percentage points of progress that have eluded you in the past.

Lifestyle Habit Building

A one-hour workout is only 4% of your 24 hour day. Together, we will focus on building healthy and sustainable habits outside the gym that will help you in all facets of your life, not only your training in the gym. Things such as water intake, sun exposure, daily routines, sleep, stress, etc. are all pieces of the puzzle that need to fit together in order for you to reach your goals.

Daily Connection Through the TrueCoach App

You’ll receive your program daily through True Coach, a state of the art platform that connects right to your phone. There you’ll see your program, a video library of movements, and your library of benchmarks and assessments. You’ll post your results and comments for your coach to see and comment on, send videos of your exercises so they can dissect movement and pacing, and receive feedback so that you constantly improve in all areas of your fitness. True Coach keeps your training organized and at your fingertips at all times during your fitness journey.

Coach-Client Relationship

We have an "Open In-Box Policy" with all of our clients. This means you can contact us via text, email, or the True Coach app whenever you need to. That's 24/7 access to us in order to ensure we are doing everything possible to help you reach your goals, all while building an awesome coach-client relationship along the way.

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